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Building a strong annual program is a great way to keep Scouts active and interested in the Scouting program. Funding your program is equally important, as Scouts benefit from paying their own way.

Rocky Mountain council's suggested money-earning project is the annual popcorn sale. With a little imagination, many units have raised sizable amounts of money for unit accounts.

Units need a secure and stable source of income that a strong popcorn sale can provide. Money raised by units has been used to cover the cost of badges and advancement, special events, and camp fees. Units can create an account for each Scout who sells and allow individuals to use those funds for camps or events.

The popcorn sale also benefits the council as a whole by helping us serve volunteer leaders and members by providing better programs and camping facilities.




At the Kick-off you will receive your "UNIT POPCORN KIT" with the following materials for your sale:

Order Forms - This form is used by Scouts to compile customer popcorn sales includes prize details.
Leader's Guide - This full manual includes the commission schedule, calendar dates and much more!

Remember these 5 steps for a successful unit activity!

1.  Place a Show & Sell order to have popcorn on hand.
2.  Schedule one Blitz Day each week throughout the sale.
3.  Communicate Blitz Days and locations to your parents every week.
4. Communicate the sales goals to your Scouts for the day, and then target neighborhoods throughout the community.
5.  Have Scouts wear their uniforms while they blanket the community.




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