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This page contains two different wish lists.

First wish list is for specific items related to materials for specific projects important to the
Rocky Mountain Council and San Isabel Scout Ranch.  To contribute to the donation of any
of these items (all or part of an item listed)  Please contact Terry Irick at the council office -
719-561-1220 x-17 or [Click for member's page].  Please check back often for updates to the list.   

Second wish list is for annual needs of the council.  To contribute to one of these items please contact
Clarissa Arnot at the council office - 719-561-1220 or [Click for member's page].

Thank you for your consideration and all you do for the youth of our area!

Special Projects Wish List

Last updated:1/10/201910:29 PM
GrantedQuantityEst. DonationDescription / Purpose
1$250Fish cleaning station (prefer steel, with pump for water, but will work without)
re:enhance fishing Merit Badge experience
121-100$1,000retired telephone poles
re:various SISR landscaping, conservation and construction projects
1-100$2003" ID iron pipe (1 - 100 5" pieces)
re:to create patio classroom
10 Gallon$50-100white exterior latex paint
re:varied projects
500 ft.$753/4" PVC pipe (12 - T's, 2 - 90° and 50 couplers)
re:campfire path lighting
1$501600 g/h submersible water pump
re:gold panning sleuth water supply
25 to 30$60-100bales of straw or hay (small square)
re:shooting sports supplies
1 to 5$50-2503D archery targets
re:shooting sports
1 to 50$?6"dia. ×36"tall round pine or cedar posts (mill turned)
re:patio classroom
1 to 50$?6"dia. ×18"tall round pine or cedar posts (mill turned)
re:patio classroom
24$200-250black or dark mountable LED lights
re:campfire path lighting
96$150decorative interlocking retaining wall blocks with matching cap stones
re:create fire pit on outdoor patio
6 ton$50pea gravel(delivery to SISR would be appreciated)
re:dust control in game pit area
96$300treated (strait) landscape timbers
re:flower boxes around med lodge
0$0use of tree stump grinder for six to ten stumps where trees were previously removed
re:landscaping effort
3$225metal flag poles
re:ranch gate landscape
1$2,5003'x5' (minimum) electric sign board
re:scout office marketing
1$1,000decorative stone base for 3'×5' electric sign board
re:scout office marketing
1$30,00040'x60' metal building with lighting, inside and out, concrete floor, plumbing one/two large
garage doors and one 36"×80" steel access door with weather protection overhang
re:scout office secure storage (popcorn and vehicle, some workshop space)
1 Pallet$17080# bags of cement(approx. 48)
re:various projects ranging from erosion control and const. to minor landscaping
16$1703'x5' exterior backerboard (to span the 90'x2' wall studs)
re:replace lower 24" section of outer trading post wall with rock facade
90'x2'$300faux rock, including 2 outside corners of 24"
re:replace lower 24" section of outer trading post wall with rock facade
130$4004x8 white fire brick
re:create a Dutch Oven charcoal cooking surface on the patio for competition.
3$103" x 10' schedule 40 PVC
re:create post insert holes for Mountain Man Rendezvous Animal Husbandry
9$45split cedar posts
re:to create temporary coral for Mountain Man Rendezvous Animal Husbandry
24$1208' split cedar fence rail
re:to create temporary coral for Mountain Man Rendezvous Animal Husbandry
50lbs$15raw coal chunks
re:blacksmith station for Mountain Man Rendezvous
1?Blacksmith Forge manual bellows
re:to operate blacksmith forge for Mountain Man Rendezvous


Council Annual Wish List

This list is not all inclusive, but it quickly illustrates the annual expenses for the Scouting program and its ability to serve thousands of youth. All items listed are annual totals for these items. In the camp related section, we are on a progressive annual replacement schedule. For example, climbing ropes are only good for three years. So each year, we replace 1/3 of the ropes to keep the gear safe.

Activities & Programs

A.     Silver Beaver Awards = $120
B.     Council Dinner Programs = $150
C.     Veteran Award Certificates = $60

Advancement & Recognition

A.     Eagle Award Kits - presented to new Eagle Scouts = $1,500
B.     Rank Advancements fo Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts = $3,400
C.     Leader Training Awards = $500
D.     District Training supplies and manuals = $500

Commissioner and Unit Service

A.     Program Notebooks for all units = $250
B.     Annual Program Calendar for all units = $1,000
C.     Leader Roundtable Supplies = $600
D.     Join Scouting Nights = $5,000

Service Center Upkeep

A.     Technology upgrades = $1500
B.     Copy Paper = $800
C.     Copy Machine operating costs = $6,000
D.     Website Hosting = $1,000

Camp Related - San Isabel Scout Ranch and Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base

A.     Program Supplies = $10,000
B.     Camp Food = $92,000
C.     Camp Maintenance = $30,000
D.     Canoe and Rafting Paddles = $2,000
E.     One White Water Raft = $2,500
F.     6 new Mountain Bikes = $2,400
G.     24 Life Jackets = $960
H.     River Guide Training = $7,000
I.      Ammunition for .22 Rifles = $750
J.     Ammunition for Shotgun shooting = $1,500
K.     Arrows for Archery = $300
L.     Climbing Gear = $2,000
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