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How to make a reservation at camp

To make a reservation using the website

  1. create a login and password if you have not already created one (on the right hand side, click on login)
  2. Click on the symbol of the camp you are reserving which is on the left hand side of menu
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Camp Reservations and Pricing
  4. Click on the week you are wanting to reserve
  5. Check the total reservations to see if there is space…this is a first come, first served basis.Reserving on the website does not guarantee a spot because of mail in or phone reservations are a factor
  6. On the right hand side, there is an orange box saying register online, click on it and follow the step by step directions.This creates your unit reservation.You must register at least one adult & one youth to create a reservation.We accept visa or mastercard or check.
  7. Once you have created a reservation…on the left side of the home page is unit information, click on this
  8. Put in your troop number and begin search
  9. Your troop will appear with an underline, then click on it
  10. On the right side of the page is registrations, click on it.Make sure the bar on the right sides says 2015 (click on it to make 2015 come up)It defaults to the year we are in.
  11. your information comes up.There are several tabs to click on.Click on Participants and on the right side there is a "register a new participant".From there you can add each participant. If you do not have names yet, I use Adult 1, Scout 1, etc.You can pay by Check, Visa, and Mastercard.The name and address of the person’s card or check have to match your contact info or it will be declined.
  12. to edit the youth or adult with a name- After you do your troop search, several tabs appear.Click on participants, click on adult 1, over on the right side there will be a drop down menu called “options”, from there you can edit participant information.
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